Teaching with AI: A practical guide to a new era of human learning
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Bowen, Jose Antonio
Watson, C. Edward
The Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore, 2024)
(eng) English
How AI is revolutionizing the future of learning and how educators can adapt to this new era of human thinking.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we learn, work, and think. Its integration into classrooms and workplaces is already underway, impacting and challenging ideas about creativity, authorship, and education. In this groundbreaking and practical guide, teachers will discover how to harness and manage AI as a powerful teaching tool. José Antonio Bowen and C. Edward Watson present emerging and powerful research on the seismic changes AI is already creating in schools and the workplace, providing invaluable insights into what AI can accomplish in the classroom and beyond.By learning how to use new AI tools and resources, educators will gain the confidence to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by AI. From interactive learning techniques to advanced assignment and assessment strategies, this comprehensive guide offers practical suggestions for integrating AI effectively into teaching and learning environments. Bowen and Watson tackle crucial questions related to academic integrity, cheating, and other emerging issues.In the age of AI, critical thinking skills, information literacy, and a liberal arts education are more important than ever. As AI continues to reshape the nature of work and human thinking, educators can equip students with the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. This book serves as a compass, guiding educators through the uncharted territory of AI-powered education and the future of teaching and learning.

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Part I Thinking with AI

Chapter 1 AI Basics

Chapter 2 A New Era of Work

Chapter 3 AI Literacy

Chapter 4 Reimagining Creativity

Part II Teaching with AI

Chapter 5 AI-Assisted Faculty

Chapter 6 Cheating and Detection

Chapter 7 Policies

Chapter 8 Grading and (Re-)Defining Quality

Part III Learning with AI

Chapter 9 Feedback and Roleplaying with AI

Chapter 10 Designing Assignments and Assessments for Human Effort

Chapter 11 Writing and AI

Chapter 12 Assignments and Assessments





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