Redeeming vision: A Christian guide to looking at and learning from art
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Weichbrodt, Elissa Yukiko
Baker Academic (Grand Rapids, 2023)
(eng) English
Christianity Today 2024 Award of Merit (Culture and the Arts) The Gospel Coalition 2023 Book Award (Arts & Culture) We are formed by the images we view. From classical art to advertisements and from news photos to social media, the images we look at mold our ideas of race, gender, and class. They shape how we love God and our neighbor. This practical guide helps us look closely at and understand how a wide variety of images make meaning as aesthetic and cultural objects. Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt teaches us how to learn from art rather than critique it and how to respond to images in Christian ways, allowing them to positively transform us and how we love. The book includes twenty-three images, most in full color, that range from classical European paintings to Central African sculpture, from Chinese ink painting to political propaganda, and from stark anthropological photographs to unconventional installations.

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Summary / review / table of content

Introduction: For People Who Look at Pictures
Part 1: How to Look
1. The Toolbox
2. The Archive
3. The Frame
Part 2: Love the Lord Your God
4. Confessing Our Idols
5. Wondering at God’s Transcendence: Abstract Art
6. Delighting in God’s Presence: Representational Art
Part 3: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
7. Growing in Curiosity: Portraiture
8. Sharing Our Space: Landscape
9. Allowing for Complexity: Art of the Everyday
10. Learning to Lament: The Art of History
11. Redeeming Vision

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