Service-learning in higher education: Critical issues and directions
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Butin, D.
Palgrave Macmillan (New York, 2005)
(eng) English
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Advocates have positioned service-learning as a real-world, real-time opportunity for students to encounter academic knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner. Service-learning in higher education settings offers a powerful alternative to traditional models of teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to develop links to local institutions, volunteer their time, and create a special bond between the university and the community in which they live. Service-learning has become a very popular alternative to standard courses in higher education and is gaining significant popularity. This book takes a serious look at the unintended consequences and alternative conceptualizations of this mode of learning and explores what it could offer us in the future.

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Summary / review / table of content

Section I The Micro-Politics and Micro-Practices of Service-Learning
1 Getting Inside the "Underside" of Service-Learning: Student Resistance and Possibilities
2 "Whose School is it Anyway?" Student Voices in an Urban Classroom
3 "I Can Never Turn My Back On That": Liminality and the Impact of Class on Service-Learning Experience
4 Beyond a World of Binaries: My Views on Service-Learning
5 Changing Places: Theorizing Space and Power Dynamics in Service-Learning
6 Service-Learning as Postmodern Pedagogy
Level Section II Transformative Models of Service-Learning Practice
7 The Evolution of a Community of Practice: Stakeholders and Service in Management 101
8 Human Rights–Human Wrongs: Making Political Science Real Through Service-Learning
9 "No One Has Stepped There Before": Learning About Racism in Our Town
10 Service-Learning as a Source of Identity Change in Bucknell in Northern Ireland
11 Service-Learning as Crucible: Reflections on Immersion, Context, Power, and Transformation
Show Level Section III Reframing the Institutionalization of Service-Learning
12 The Aesthetical Basis for Service-Learning Practice
13 Putting Down Roots in the Groves of Academe: The Challenges of Institutionalizing Service-Learning

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