Management and information technology in the digital era: challenges and perspectives
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Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2022)
Advanced Series in Management
Management of information technology will continue to be an essential endeavour for organisations as we experience the accelerating advancement of digital technology. Managers will need to understand how technology is changing their business operations and the emergence of digital consumers who demand more innovative, technologically driven experiences. This 29th volume in the Advanced Series in Management is built to provide theoretical insight for managers and researchers to co-create their technology values and better understand its prospects and challenges. Management and Information Technology in the Digital Era: Challenges and Perspectives explores the management and practical implications of digital information management across a broad range of technologies, sectors, and countries. Chapters from a spectrum of international authors provide a significant contribution to the growing body of work on information technology, artificial intelligence, and technology management, reflecting the diversity of current research and delving into the varying perspectives of management and information technology in the digital era. Significantly recognised are the growing prospects of Artificial intelligence and how it is revolutionising different sectors, further presenting critical challenges for managers on how to harness the prospects of this technology for their business prospects.

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Summary / review / table of content

Chapter 1: Management and Information Technology in the Digital Era: Introduction to Edited Collection on Challenges and Perspectives; Nawal Chemma, Mohammed El Amine Abdelli, Anjali Awasthi, and Emmanuel Mogaji
Theme 1: Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 2: Role of Artificial Intelligence in Gamification for the Emerging Markets; Gourav Roy and Varsha Jain
Chapter 3: Rethinking the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for a Sustainable Education in Africa: Challenges and Solutions; Emmanuel Awuni Kolog, Samuel Nii Odoi Devine, Sulemana Bankuoru Egala, Raphael Amponsah, Joseph Budu, and Temitope Farinloye
Chapter 4: Strategic Management of Platform Business Ecosystem Using Artificial Intelligence Supported Human-Computer Interaction Technology; Esra Sipahi Döngül and Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere
Theme 2: Information Technology
Chapter 5: Impact of Brand Experience, Narcissism, and Materialism on Luxury Purchase Behaviour Mediated by Online Buying Intentions; Chanyanan Somtawinpongsai, Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Mohsin Raza, Anusara Sawangchai, and Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere
Chapter 6: Information Technology for Enhancing Transportation in Developing Countries; Nguyen Phong Nguyen and Emmanuel Mogaji
Chapter 7: Redefining Banking Service Delivery: Information Technology Adoption by UK Banks Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic ; Nguyen Phong Nguyen and Emmanuel Mogaji
Chapter 8: The Impact of Digital Technologies on SMEs’ Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Afef Khalil, Hosn el Woujoud Bousselmi, Mohammed El Amine Abdelli, Imen Baccouche, Lorena Caridad y López del Río, and Houssem Edine Nasr
Chapter 9: Analysis of the Effects of Digital Technology on the Algerian Economy; Bechir Sabiha and Lachi Oualid
Theme 3: Technology-Driven Business Operations
Chapter 10: Mapping the Future SMEs’ HR Competencies via IoE Technologies and 7PS Model Through the 5th Wave Theory; Hamid Doost Mohammadian
Chapter 11: Mapping the Future Global SMEs Growth via Hybrid SMEs/SME 5.0/Tomorrow's SMEs Concept Through the 5th Wave, i-Sustainability Plus and DCT Theories; Hamid Doost Mohammadian
Chapter 12: The impact of Individualism and Collectivism on the Diffusion of ICT in a Craft Cluster: The Case of the Brassware Cluster of Constantine and the Jewellery Cluster of Batna; Benmanseur Lamis and Adouane Asma
Chapter 13: The Biggest Digital Transformation Challenges for Companies: An Analysis Framework; Saadia Benahmed and Aboubakr Hansal
Chapter 14: Management and Information Technology in the Digital Era: Conclusion and Research Agenda; Nawal Chemma, Mohammed El Amine Abdelli, Anjali Awasthi, and Emmanuel Mogaji

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