Entrepreneurship in Pacific Asia : past, present and future

  • Dana, Leo Paul
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Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 1999
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Entrepreneurs are now internationalising, and many more are likely to internationalise in the future. Yet, most small firms expand in an opportunistic fashion, because entrepreneurs seldom have the time and resources to gather reliable data about opportunities in foreign countries.

Leo-Paul Dana has conducted extensive international field research with a view to compiling key information on the business environment throughout Pacific Asia. Thus, the book is not just another “how to” guide. It reflects what is happening in an important region of our global economy.

With this book, businessmen and business analysts, investors, academics and business students will gain invaluable insights into the conditions and opportunities for enterprise in these countries in this region.~Publisher description.
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Intro; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements;
Chapter 1 Introduction;
Chapter 2 Entrepreneurship in Pacific Asia; The East; Heterogeneity;
Chapter 3 The Kingdom of Cambodia; Introduction; Historical Overview; Public Policy; The Nature of Entrepreneurship; Toward the Future;
Chapter 4 The People's Republic of China (PRC)3; Introduction; Historical Overview; Public Policy on Entrepreneurship in China; Special Administrative Regions of China; Toward the Future;
Chapter 5 The Republic of Indonesia; Introduction; Historical Overview; Ethnic Diversity; The Chinese in Indonesia. Culture and Entrepreneurship in IndonesiaPublic Policy on Entrepreneurship; At the National Level; Provincial Efforts; International Entrepreneurship; Non-Governmental Assistance to Entrepreneurs; Sentras; Toward the Future;
Chapter 6 Japanese Spirit & Western Knowledge; Introduction; Historical Overview; Culture in Japan; Public Policy on Entrepreneurship in Japan; Toward the Future;
Chapter 7 The Republic of Korea; Introduction; Historical Overview; Public Policy in the Republic of Korea; Trends; Development of a Domestic Component Industry; Exports; Productivity; Toward the Crisis. Toward the Future
Chapter 8 The Lao People's Democratic Republic; Introduction; Historical Overview; Changing Public Policies on Entrepreneurship; The Traditional Belief System; The Entrepreneurship Sector; Toward the Future; Chapter 9 Malaysia; Introduction; Historical Overview; The Ethnic-Chinese in Malaysia; Public Policy; Toward the Future;
Chapter 10 The Republic of the Philippines; Introduction; Historical Overview; The People; A Tradition of Chinese Entrepreneurship; Facilitating Entrepreneurship in the Philippines; Constraints on Entrepreneurship; The Entrepreneurship Sector Today. Toward the Future
Chapter 11 The Republic of Singapore; Introduction; Historical Overview; Pre-Colonial Times; Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles; A Centre of Entrepreneurship; A Multicultural Society; Public Policy on Entrepreneurship in Singapore; Internationalising Singaporean Entrepreneurs; Technopreneurship 21; Toward the Future;
Chapter 12 Entrepreneurship in Taiwan; Introduction; Historical Overview; The Impact of Credit Policy on Entrepreneurship in Taiwan; Model I; Model II; The Case of Taiwan; Taiwanese Entrepreneurs & the Asian Crisis; Toward the Future;
Chapter 13 The Kingdom of Thailand. IntroductionHistorical Overview; The Influence of Buddhism in Thailand; Public Policy on Entrepreneurship in Thailand; Early Economic Development Plans; The Board of Investment; Changing Priorities; Major Reform; Making Entrepreneurship Central to Industry; The Financial Crisis in Thailand; Foreign Assistance for Entrepreneurs; Ethnic-Chinese Entrepreneurs in Thailand; Women Entrepreneurs in Thailand; Toward the Future;
Chapter 14 The ""Market Socialist Economy"" of Vietnam sss; Introduction; Historical Overview; Government Policy in Vietnam; Building a Financial Infrastructure.
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