Discourse studies : a multidisciplinary introduction 2nd ed.

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  • Dijk, Teun A. van,
London: Sage Publications Ltd, 2011
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
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Discourse Studies is the largest, most complete, most diverse and only multidisciplinary introduction to the field. Now combined into a single volume, this essential handbook:

is fully updated from start to finish to cover contemporary debates and research literature; covers everything from grammar, narrative, argumentation, cognition and pragmatics to social, political and critical approaches; adds two new chapters on ideology and identity; puts the student at the center, offering brand new features such as worked examples, sample analyses and recommended further reading

Written and edited by world-class scholars in their fields, it is the essential, one-stop companion for any student of discourse analysis and discourse studies
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1 online resource (xviii, 414 p.)
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Introduction: The Study of Discourse --
Teun A Van Dijk; Discourse, Grammar and Interaction --
Susanna Cumming, Tsuyoshi Ono and Ritva Laury; Discourse Semantics --
Russell S. Tomlin, Linda Forrest, Ming Ming Pu and Myung Hee Kim; Narrative in Everyday Life --
Elinor Ochs; Argumentation --
Frans H. van Eemeren, Sally Jackson and Scott Jacobs; Discourse Semiotics --
Theo van Leeuwen and Gunther Kress; Discourse and Cognition --
Arthur C. Graesser and Keith Millis; Discourse Pragmatics --
Shoshana Blum-Kulka and Michal Hamo; Conversation Analysis: An Approach to the Analysis of Social Interaction --
Anita Pomerantz and B.J. Fehr; Dialogue in Institutional Interactions --
Paul Drew and Marja-Leena Sorjonen; Gender and Power in Discourse --
Michelle M. Lazar and Cheris Kramarae; Discourse, Ethnicity and Racism --
Yasmin Jiwani and John E. Richardson; Discourse and Identity --
Anna De Fina; Organizational Discourse --
Dennis K. Mumby and Jennifer Mease; Discourse and Politics --
Paul Chilton and Christina Schäffner; Discourse and Culture --
Elizabeth Keating and Alessandro Duranti; Critical Discourse Analysis --
Norman Fairclough, Jane Mulderrig and Ruth Wodak; Discourse and Ideology --
Teun A. Van Dijk
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