Discourse as structure and process

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  • Dijk, Teun A. van,
London: Sage Publications Ltd, 1997
Discourse studies v. 1
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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What are the structures of discourse and what are the functions of these structures in the communicative context? This volume explains how and why discourse is organized at various levels. The multidisciplinary contributions illustrate that discourse analysis goes far beyond the linguistic answer of designing grammars and goes hand in hand with the study of their uses and functions in the social context. Comprehensive and accessible, the volume covers a huge variety of discourse genres, including written and spoken, and storytelling and argumentation. The chapters also illustrate the necessity to examine the mental processes of the language users: How do people go about producing, understanding and remembering text or talk? The book stresses that both discourse and its mental processing have a social basis and can only be fully understood in relation to social interaction.
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Summary / Review / Table of Content
Study of discourse / Teun A. van Dijk --
Story of discourse analysis / Robert de Beaugrande --
Discourse semantics / Russel S. Tomlin, Linda Forrest, Ming Ming Pu Myung Hee Kim --
Discourse and Grammar / Susanna Cumming, Tsuyoshi Ono --
Discourse styles / Barbara Sandig, Margret Selting --
Rhetoric / Ann M. Gill, Karen Whedbee --
Narrative / Elinor Ochs --
Argumentation / Frans H. van Eemeren, Rob Grootendorst, Sally Jackson, Scott Jacobs --
Genres and Registers of Discourse / Suzanne Eggins, J.R. Martin --
Discourse Semiotics / Gunther Kress, Regina Leite-Garcia Theo van Leeuwen --
Cognition / Author C. Graesser, Morton A. Gernsbacher, Susan R. Goldman --
Social cognition and discourse / Susan Condor, Charles Antaki.
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