Rhetorical argumentation : principles of theory and practice

  • Tindale, Christopher W.
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London: Sage Publication , Inc., 2004
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The study of argumentation has primarily focused on logical and dialectical approaches, with minimal attention given to the rhetorical facets of argument. Rhetorical Argumentation: Principles of Theory and Practice approaches argumentation from a rhetorical point of view and demonstrates how logical and dialectical considerations depend on the rhetorical features of the argumentative situation. Throughout this text, author Christopher W. Tindale identifies how argumentation as a communicative practice can best be understood by its rhetorical features.  
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Summary / Review / Table of Content
A Rhetorical Turn for Argumentation --
Alice's Predicament --
Models of Argument --
Beyond the Logical --
Beyond the Dialectical --
Rhetoric and Rhetorical Argumentation --
The Path Ahead --
Argument as Rhetorical ... --
Introduction: Rhetoric's Origin --
Argument's Origin --
Rhetoric and Argument in Fifth- and Fourth-Century Greece --
Sophistic Argument --
Sophistic Argument and the Notion of "Fallacy" --
Rhetoric as Invitational --
... And Rhetoric as Argument --
Introduction: Rhetorical Figures and Arguments --
Reboul on Figures and Arguments --
Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca --
Fahnestock's Figural Logic --
Figures as Arguments --
Rhetorical Contexts and the Dialogical --
Introduction: Dialogue and Dialogues --
Bakhtin's Terminology --
Dialogic Argument --
Reflections on a Bakhtinian Model --
Martians, Philosophers, and Reasonable People: The Construction of Objectivity --
How Martians Reason --
The Martian Standard and the Problems of Evaluation --
Bakhtin's Superaddressee --
Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca's Universal Audience --
Developing the Universal Audience --
Introduction: Why the Universal Audience Fails --
Reading the Universal Audience: Two Views --
Reappraising the Universal Audience --
Applying the Idea of a Universal Audience --
The Truth About Orangutans: Conflicting Criteria of Premise Adequacy --
Introduction: Deep Disagreements Between Logic and Rhetoric --
Hamblin's Orangutans --
The Rhetoric of Philosophy: Metaphors as Arguments --
Acceptability --
Rhetorical Conclusions --
From Protagoras to Bakhtin
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