Communication ethics and universal values

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  • Traber, Michael.
  • Christians, Clifford G.
London: Sage Publication , Inc., 1997
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
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This volume is designed to revolutionize the field of communication by identifying a broad ethical theory which transcends the world of mass media practice to reveal a more humane and responsible code of values. The contributors, representing a diverse range of intercultural perspectives, defend the possibility of universal moral imperatives such as justice, reciprocity and human dignity. Through an examination of the values in which their cultures are grounded, they provide a short list of ethical principles which form the common ground from which to view contemporary issues in the media, interpersonal communication, mediation and conflict resolution.
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Part I: Foundations and framework. The Ethics of being in a communications context / Clifford G. Christians --
The Moral dimension of communicating / Antonio Pasquali --
Discourse ethics and its relevance for communication and media ethics / Edmund Arens --
Universal values and moral development theories / Deni Elliott --
Part II: Protonorms across cultures. The Basic norm of truthfulness: its ethical justification and universality / Dietmar Mieth --
The Arab-Islamic heritage in communication ethics / Muhammad I. Ayish, Haydar Badawi Sadig --
Ethics and the discourse on ethics in post-colonial India / Anantha Sudhaker-Babbili --
Communication ethics in a Latin American context / Gabriel Jaime Perez --
Communalistic societies: community and self-respect as African values / Andrew Azukaego Moemeka --
Emergent values from American Indian discourse / Cynthia-Lou Coleman --
Part III: Applications. Communications, hope, and ethics / Pedro Gilberto Gomes --
Communication ethics in a changing Chinese society: the case of Taiwan / Georgette Wang --
Japanese-style communication in a new global age / Hideo Takeichi --
Vagaries of time and place: media ethics in Poland / Karol Jakubowicz --
Accepting the other: on the ethics of intercultural communication in ethnographic film / Keyan G. Tomaselli, Arnold Shepperson --
Women, welfare, and the United States media / Robin Andersen --
Conclusion: an ethics of communication worthy of human beings / Michael Traber.
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