Creativity : when East meets West

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  • Ng, Grace Y. C.
  • Hui, Anna H. H.
  • Lau, Sing.
Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2004
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
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What actually is creativity? And what contributes to its conceptualization and development? For decades, these and other questions have fascinated researchers, educators, parents and laypeople alike, and equally so in the East and West. This interesting collection of articles is an attempt at exploring and answering the above questions from both the Eastern and Western perspectives. Readers may find some answers stimulating, and others bewildering. This is in fact the reality and fascination of creativity research and education. It is hoped that readers will share the joy of reading such a road map.
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Creativity: a meeting between the east and the west / Sing Lau, Anna N.N. Hui and Grace Y.C. Ng --
Personal creativity and culture / Mark Runco --
Creativity: developmental and cross-cultural issues / Todd I. Lubart and Asta Georgsdottir --
Creativity among Chinese people: beyond western perspective / Elisabeth Rudowicz --
Why is there a paradox in promoting creativity in the Asian classroom / Aik Kwang Ng and Ian Smith --
Creativity and innovation: east-west comparisons with an emphasis on Chinese societies / Kwok Leung, Al Au and Beeto W.C. Leung --
Progress from traditional to creativity education in Chinese societies / Vivian M.Y. Cheng --
Recognizing and nurturing creativity in Chinese students / Jing-Jyi Wu --
The social psychology of creativity: the beginnings of a multicultural perspective / Beth A. Hennessey --
Beauty is in the eye of the creator--a psychological and cross-cultural accounts of children's understanding of pictorial art / Siu Fung Lin --
Blue apples and purple oranges: when children paint like Picasso / Kay Cheng Soh --
Singapore's creativity education: a framework of fostering constructive creativity / Ai-Girl Tan --
Inspiring creativity through music / Mayumi Adachi and Yukari Chino --
Creativity and multiple intelligences: the DISCOVER project and research / C. June Maker --
Nurturing creative thinking: western approaches and eastern issues / Gerard J. Puccio and David W. Gonzalez.
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